Entertainment center furniture ideas

Entertainment centers these days are a dime a dozen in every sense except the price. Starting at $100 they can be found "wherever TVs are sold", not to mention regular furniture stores. But what if you need something unique, stylish or fitting your theme-based home theater? There are entertainment centers available online that can capture your imagination. I tried to provide large images (accessible with a click, check them out, they are stunning), but don't forget to come back to this page to see more.

Grand Europian Style (at the top of the article) with concealed media storage (behind the fluted columns!).

This is a tropical style entertainment center - complete with woven rattan door and drawer inserts.

This period-looking entertainment armoire will work best in a room that is only occasionally used to watch videos. You will not have to constantly stare and a huge black screen in the middle of your home library or study.

This Italian Riviera entertainment center has a beautiful layered look that points to excellent craftsmanship.

This entertainment center brings Italian Renaissance style to your media room. Some of the features include a laminated serving shelf for wine opening and drink mixing.

This 4-piece entertainment center from Parker House is made in rural European style and has such unlikely features as hanging wine glass racks and reversible shelves with wine storage.

This impressive wall system deserves to have some of its features listed here, because they are not entirely obvious from the picture.

  • Multiple wiring ports including large cable access
  • Removable back panels for easy access to components
  • Surge protected power strips in each pier cabinet
  • Shelving engineered for easy transit of cables between components
  • Case levelers accessible from inside the bottom door compartments
  • Hand grips engineered in all pieces to make moving furniture easy and safe
  • Expandable bridge and shelf accommodates most rear-projection televisions
  • Rheostat controlled lighting operates pier cabinet and light bridge fixtures
  • Speaker cloth inserts for left and right channel or sub-woofer speakers in each pier unit
  • All-media storage pullout libraries provide access to CDs, DVDs, and video cassettes
  • Ventilated audio compartments for heat dissipation prolongs furniture and component life

This sleek-looking entertainment center features a lot of storage for your media, without creating any clutter.

Made out of metal, this white entertainment center has a stunning modern look.

This antique-looking entertainment center is actually hand-painted. It is made with solid wood and brass finished hardware.