Home theater decor - a simple and flexible solution

This may not be an idea that would work for everybody, but depending on the general design of your home theater the results may be stunning. Here is a story first.

A few years ago my co-worker stopped by a local video store on the day after Halloween. They were about the get rid of what was the main item in their decorative approach for the spooky season: life-size cutouts of characters from some classic horror movies. There was a Frankenstein, Nosferatu and the green monster holding tight a frightened, though ultimately curious, damsel. Ok, I am not sure if they were really life size :) My friend was able to get all of these cutouts at no charge and they were used to decorate our rather informal office for quite a while.

So, here is the deal. No matter how formal or conceptual your home theater room is you can always quickly add some interest to it by adding an occasional movie star's cutout. Yes, I know, many people like to use posters in some areas of their media rooms (where they are out of sight when you are actually watching a movie). This design move largely follows what you would normally see in a video store or at a movie theater. A life-size cutout, however, does not have a permanent status in any design. It is clearly an ad-hoc item, but the curious thing about cutouts is that, despite being 2d they provide some depth and reality to any space.

Another great thing is that you can have an enture collection of movie-star cutouts. They can be stored very easily and you can mix and match them for whatever party or function you are intending to host in you home theater room. Use them as conversation starters or excellent photo opportunities for your guests. And, of course, when you have parties during sports events, it is possible to get cutouts of popular players!

As an example check out this Elvis Presley Life Size Cutout

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