Media room carpet

Attention to detail always pays off when you consider your media room design options. As home movie rooms are becoming more popular it takes an effort to make yours stand out. It is not enough just to have a big LCD/projector, comfortable chairs and a surround sound system. You need to think about decor as much as about the technical specs.

If you imagine yourself for a second at a movie theater it is difficult to miss the fact that the entire area is usually carpeted, even the concessions court and the hallways. These rugs help decrease the noise from hundreds of people walking and talking, but they do not absorb or dampen the sound in the actual theater. You probably not have to deal with high volume of visitors at your home theater, but the acoustics must be considered. Just as in case of media room furniture you don't want to have anything that's too fluffy and thick. However, media room carpenting allows one to improve the acoustics in a room that was not originally built for that purpose -- it prevents the sound from bouncing around. Carpets also reduce the glare from the screen, keeping the room dark and cozy. You can go with a generic pattern, but be aware of the fact that there are many rug designs that are specifically created for movie theaters.